Leading with Integrity

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Message from the CEO
"Our unique culture drives our purpose of saving people money so they can live better, and the foundation of that culture is our commitment to operating with integrity. Even as we change to meet the needs of our customers, Walmart will stay true to the values, beliefs and behaviors that have guided us for the last 50 years."
Doug McMillon, CEO
Look Inside the Statement of Ethics
Using the Statement of Ethics
This Statement of Ethics is going to introduce you to the types of attitudes and conduct that create an honest, fair, and legal workplace. You’re going to learn how to recognize situations that might come up on your job that could be a violation of our company ethics. Plus, you’ll learn what to do if you have any questions or concerns about what is correct and ethical conduct.
Our 3 Basic Beliefs and Guiding Principles at the beginning of this Statement of Ethics will give you a general idea of correct company ethics. But, remember no guide or manual can give you a complete set of rules. So, in the end, we all must trust our own good judgment of right and wrong.
Our Basic BeliefsDownload the Statement of Ethics

The 3 Basic Beliefs
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Service to the Customer
  • Striving for Excellence

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