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“You can overcome almost anything, but you cannot overcome a lack of integrity.”
Lee Scott
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Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Walmart is committed to a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs can create serious safety risks in our workplace. The possession, solicitation, or use of illegal drugs, or being under the influence of such drugs on company time, while on company property, or at any Walmart-sponsored event, is prohibited and will not be tolerated. In some instances, associates may consume alcoholic beverages at company-sponsored events when appropriate monitoring is in place, off Walmart property, and with the appropriate level of approval (your in-country president, your division’s executive vice president, or your in-country Ethics Committee). Walmart will take common business practices into consideration in countries where a moderate consumption of alcohol with a meal is common. All associates should ensure their performance and judgment are unimpaired by alcohol consumption during working hours.

Q & A

I’m attending a Walmart-sponsored group/supplier meeting. Alcohol will be served. May I have alcohol while there?
With executive vice president approval, Walmart sponsored events may provide alcohol. Associates of legal age may consume alcohol at these events as long as they do not allow it to impair their judgment.

I was asked to take a drug test before accepting a promotion into management. Is this standard?
Where permitted by law, job applicants may be drug screened as part of the post-offer hiring process, or prior to accepting a promotion into management. Any applicant who tests positive for illegal drug use will not be hired or promoted, and may be terminated. In addition, Walmart may require you to submit to drug testing following certain on-the-job injuries or if there’s a reasonable basis to suspect you’re under the influence of drugs (also only where permitted by law).

Is there somewhere I can go for help if I have a drug or alcohol problem?
Walmart operations in some countries provide Helpline-counseling services. Please contact your Human Resources manager or local substance-abuse counseling center for help.