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“Personal and moral integrity is one of our basic fundamentals and it has to start with each of us.”
Sam Walton
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Personal Relationships with Suppliers

Walmart encourages associates not to have social or other relationships with suppliers if the relationship would give the perception that a business influence is being exerted. We believe in basing our relationships with suppliers on efficient, fair and lawful business practices. The selection of suppliers must be made on the basis of objective criteria, including integrity, quality, price, delivery, adherence to schedules, product suitability, maintenance of adequate sources of supply, and Walmart’s purchasing practices and procedures. We must treat our suppliers with respect, fairness, and honesty. We must not take undue advantage of a supplier by using Walmart’s business influence. Also, we should expect our suppliers to follow all applicable legal requirements in their business practices.

A conflict of interest may exist if a former associate is calling on Walmart in an area in which the associate worked or had influence over while employed at Walmart. The Global Ethics Office will make the determination as to whether a conflict of interest exists.

When a former associate takes a position with, or on behalf of, a supplier, Walmart will not do business with that associate for a period of three (3) years following his or her separation from Walmart if a conflict of interest, as defined above, is determined to exist.

In addition to the restriction described in the preceding paragraph, when a former Walmart officer takes a position with, or on behalf of, a supplier, Walmart will not do business with that former officer for one (1) year following his or her separation from Walmart, regardless of the area in which the former officer was involved at Walmart.

If you believe you may be perceived as having an inappropriately close relationship with a supplier, or appear to be exerting a business influence on the supplier, inform your manager or the Global Ethics Office.

Q & A

There’s a contracting company I do business with as part of my position with Walmart. They’ve asked me if I know of an engineer they could hire. My son is qualified and would like to work for this company. May I refer my son for the position?
No. Even though the contracting company sought your recommendation, it could be interpreted that you are using your position with Walmart to get your son a job. That would be a conflict of interest that could compromise your reputation as a representative of Walmart.

My next-door neighbor is one of my suppliers. They invited my family and me to a neighborhood party. Would it be a violation of the Personal Relationships with Suppliers policy if we went to the party?
It would be OK to attend as long as the party is open to the entire neighborhood and you’re invited because you’re a neighbor, not because of your position with Walmart. Remember to ask yourself, if another supplier or other associates knew of this situation, would it appear you are giving preferential treatment to your neighbor as a supplier?