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“Don't compromise your reputation. It's a precious commodity. Don't compromise your integrity ... have a good name.”
Sam Walton
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Wage and Hour

We are committed to complying fully with all applicable laws and regulations dealing with wage-and-hour issues, including off-the-clock work, meal and rest breaks, overtime pay, termination pay, minimum-wage requirements, wages and hours of minors, and other subjects related to wage-and-hour practices. As Walmart associates, we must:

  • Comply fully with all corporate policies and procedures related to wage-and-hour issues;
  • Comply fully with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to wage-and-hour issues;
  • Report any violations of wage-and-hour laws or policies to management.

It is a violation of law and Walmart policy for you to work without compensation or for a supervisor (hourly or salaried) to request that you work without compensation. You should never perform any work for Walmart without compensation.

Q & A

My manager asks me to pick up some carts each evening on my way to my car. What should I do?
You should tell your manager you have already clocked out, and it is a violation of company policy for them to ask you to work off the clock.

My manager has reduced my hours recently because she says we need to cut expenses. Is this a violation of the Wage and Hour section?
If you want to raise concerns about your hours being reduced, you should exercise the Open Door process by contacting your store, market, or Human Resources manager.

I had lunch with my manager yesterday. I had clocked out but he spent the entire lunch asking me work related questions. What should I do?
Managers should use good judgment and not spend Associate lunch times for business purposes. However, if this happens to you, tell your manager you need to do a time adjustment and be paid for your time, since the lunch was spent discussing business matters.