Leading with Integrity

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“Integrity is the single most important characteristic of a leader.”
Lee Scott
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Intentional Dishonesty

Striving for excellence means operating our business with high integrity, and avoiding deceptive, dishonest, or fraudulent activities. Fraudulent actions are not only unethical, but may also be a violation of law. You should manage your particular area of business with as much transparency as possible. You should encourage a work environment that supports the contributions of your associates, and is based on our company’s values and ethics. Acts of fraud or dishonesty are more likely to occur in environments with insufficient controls and unrealistic expectations. In order to maintain excellence in our operations, you should encourage transparency, honesty, and realistic expectations.

Q & A

My manager told me to markdown several items to zero but leave them on the shelves to sell because it will, “help our inventory.” Is this ok?
Not only is this dishonest, but it could also affect the store’s profitability. If you’re being instructed to do this, contact management through the Open Door process, Human Resources, or the Global Ethics Office.